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USI Snackmart II Motors Only Turn 1/4 around per vend

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I have an old USI Snackmart II Model 2099.  It has been trouble free for over a year but now has the following problem:

When a product is purchased, the coil only turns 1/4 turn.  If you make the same purchase, it will turn another 1/4 turn.  In other words, it takes four vends to turn 360 degree complete circle.  This happens on every selection.  It does the same thing in the service mode when I test each selection.  What could be causing this?  Would replacing the control board fix this?  The control board costs around $200.

Thanks for your help or opinions.

Frank Hamann

Orange, CA

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1 minute ago, fhamann said:

Yes I did.  Problem did not go away. Thanks for the idea.

I have a lot of those machines, and haven't ran into that issue. Did you inspect the wiring, especially around where where it hangs down on the trays? It sounds like a short to me if there's no other issues going on. Use a bright led flashlight is you haven't.

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Hi Corvus,  I just did the test as you suggested above.  I pulled each tray out one at at time and did a vend.  The problem remains.  The coil only turns 1/4 turn.  It was a good idea anyways.  I have decided to send the control board to STA Vending : http://www.s-t-a.us/stavend/vending-machine-control-boards-repair.php

They said that they can test the board and repair the board for $110 plus parts. If the board tests good, they change $45 for the test.

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