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Jetsort issue

AMD Snacks

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I may post this in the full line section too. 

Has anyone with a cummins jetsort ever had the issue where it puts mixed coins together? I get pennies in my nickel slot, and really that's the only issue it has. The pennies are all pennies, quarters all quarters etc. But the nickel slot get's nickels and pennies mixed..I have the Jetsort 2000. 

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As an update, I called a jetsort local representative. Very nice, however said they could only send a tech out and he could only change the black rubber pad (my machine must be too old for other parts) for like $300+. I ordered the pad on ebay, changed it in about 5 minutes, and it seems to be working right now. I'm a big fan of these machines, and it seems like that's probably the only maintenance it's going to need for a while. 

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