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Double vending DN276E

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Hi All,

 My machine has been dispensing fine for over a year and the slot in question is filled with either 20oz Gatorade or Powerade. I have two rows of these sports drinks and one operates just fine. Lately though, the 6th slot is double vending even though both slots have the same setup and the same type of plastic bottles. Once the mechanism rolls around and loads up the next two, the next tap of the button, the front drink doesn't release. When I hit the button again, it obviously dispenses two drinks. The only thing I see that is slightly different between slot 6 & 7 is that the metal depth plate in the back that stops the drinks are offset just a couple holes from each other. Would that be causing the problem?

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For a narrow column, yes.  When you receive the motor that they are calling an E motor compare the base of the new motor to your old motor.  The bases of E motors and T motors are different and you need a motor with a base that holds the motor the same distance from the front of the stack assembly as your current motor does.  I believe the E motor bases are shorter than T motor bases.

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