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Royal 650 Merlin IV Help

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Hello All,

Newbie here that needs some help.

I have a Royal 650 Merlin IV that I picked up used a few weeks ago.  I ran for about 2 weeks with no problems at all.

Then all of a sudden the display stopped working.


Here are my symptoms/  observations / troubleshooting so far with it.  When I plug the machine in the compressor kicks on and starts to cool. No display at any point.  I hear the gears for the validator turn as if its getting ready, the lights on the front of the validator light up and start flashing as though it is ready to accept bills.   It will not accept bills, you try and insert a bill and nothing happens, it doesn't even try and take it in. There is no light at all on the status light on the back of the validator.  The Coin mech has 75% coins in each tube, it makes no noise when the machine is plugged in, but it will eject coins from the tube into the coin return when you press the corresponding butting on the mech itself.  If i insert coins into the machine as thought to make a purchase the coins go to the coin return.  If i pull the fuse at the top inside of the door the coin mech and validator turn off, if i put the fuse back in, they turn on and go back to the state described before.  I have changed the fuse with the extra one in the holder... no change.  There are no lights on the control board, can't remember if there are suppose to be on this model.  When tap the drop shoot with my hand I do not see the LED for the drop sensor light up.  Nothing changes with the door open or closed.  I have pulled and re-seated all the plugs on the control board.  I have check all the wiring harness connections and they look seated as they should be.  I have not taken a meter to it, I have not swapped any parts (validators, coin mech etc.).

Where should I start with this?




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