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Can anyone tell me which bevmax this is?

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I need to see it with the doors open. Last 2 letters of the serial number would help too. It has the Bev-3/4 selection panel. Actually, the serial number plate should also give the original model number: 5800-X

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To my knowledge, It can costs upwards of a grand to upgrade to a bevmax 4 depending on what cup is in it in addition to a few other things.  It isn't necessary to upgrade to a bevmax 4 for functionality but it may be worth it simply for tech support.  I am not 100% sure on that though.

I personally think $2900 is fair if it cools and the cabinet is in great shape.  If I got a bevmax, though, I think I would either buy one VERY cheap (under $2k) or I would buy one new.  There are too many parts, especially if it's not cooling, that can cost you a very pretty penny.

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