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Just got a call from a vendor in Carlsbad CA.  She was getting an attorney to contact the California attorney general on Kick Start.  They took $2600 from her to make 200 calls.  Sent her a small 10 unit hotel in a very bad area.  The hotel told her that the new Healthy Vending Combo had to go outside and they warned her it would be damaged in a week.  She then contacted Rob to ask if that was the best they could do so they sent her the flop house next door.

She called them again and he told her they were done with her.  She asked for proof they made the calls.  They sent a list with 60% of the listing marked NA or no answer.  What kind of outfit does that to a single mom with small children.

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That's how they get away with not providing locations. They've also changed how they do things lately. 

There's a lot cheaper ways to do 200 calls.  That's 10.00ea? I'll start making phones for that pay!  I can't stand being onthe phone!  Lol 

It is a shame. 

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