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Can drink vending issue

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Hello, i am a new member here and i am having an issue with my vending machine. it is a can drink vending machine. The manufacturer number and serial number are attached as images.


The  issue that i am having concerns Coinco 9300 coin changer and is Coinco MAG50B bill acceptor.


When i turn off the machine and turn it back on, both the coin changer and the bill acceptor diagnostic lights turn on then after 2-4 seconds they turn off. There are no troubleshooting steps for a diagnostics led being off, only for certain number of flashes. At first i assumed the parts were bad but seems very unlikely as they both do the exact same and also turn on and off at the exact same time. The led on the outer portion of the machine where the bills come in still illuminates, so there is power to the devices. The coins on the coin chnager go straight through and come out the "change" location. All wires have been checked for cuts.  All harnesses have been checked for continuity. below are some picture.

The way the system is hooked up is as follows. From the soda/drink area, a large harness is connected with a wire running to the buttons and coin/bill acceptors. All brown wires, as well as some white wires lead directly to the buttons. This machine has a KU-4156 relay that is connected as follows:


                                                              coin/bill harness

pin 1 of relay to pin 6 of coin/bill harness

pin 4 of relay to pin A of relay

pin 7 of relay to power harness

pin A of relay to pin 3 of coin/bill harness

pin B of relay to pin 2 of coin/bill harness

pin 9 of relay to pin 7 of coin/bill harness

pin 6 of relay to power harness

from the  mag50b program box, a harness is connected using pins 1, 2, 5,6,8,9. 5-9 are connected to the harness that connets to the relay, pins 1 and 2 are connected to a harness that goes to the coin changer with colors white and red respectively.



controller to coin changer.jpg


harness and relay conection.jpg

harness coming from relay.jpg

harness conection.jpg

indicator light.jpg

led light.jpg






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You are overlooking the very simple case of a bad motor switch or jammed column.  Check all motors and ensure that only one switch arm of each pair of switches is in the motor cam valley.  If you find a cam with both switch arms on the high side of the cam then that column is jammed.  If you find a jammed column but you have no physical jammed cans then you have a worn out gate link on that motor that caused the jam.

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AZVendor led me in the right direction, thank you very much. the motor connection was loose and cause a jam in the machine. did not think to check this as i thought it had to do with the money parts and not the simple vending part. much appreciated.

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