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Wittern CB300 compressor issue

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I need some advice from someone that has lots of experience diagnosing bad compressors. The machine would trip my generator that I use to test my machines out at my storage location. The generator is an inverter generator that is over 2500 watts and will run any drink machine easily. I have many of the cb300 machines and 3505 combos and haven't seen this issue. It would trip the overload on the generator, so it wouldn't start.. So I pulled the refrigeration deck and took it to my shop. It worked perfectly at the shop plugged into the wall. So I assumed the start capacitor was going. I opened the unit, and couldn't believe there was no capacitor. So I installed a 3 in one. Now it runs for 5 minutes then the thermal overload trips. So I ran tests on the compressor.

Here's what I found:

Start to run 14.3 ohms

Start to common 12.5 ohms

Run to common 2.5

12.6 amps start on common wire

6.4 amps on start on start wire.

Compressor seems to get really hot in a short amount of time.


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18 minutes ago, AZVendor said:

What are your running amps?  It sounds like it's a bad compressor pulling too much running current.

I will check on the running amps tomorrow. Do you know anyone that has these decks for sale? Wittern only refurbishes these now, no more new ones.

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8 hours ago, Snack Man 2000 said:

They are very good machines. I have sold lots of them, and the issue was a bad filter dryer. Changed it, and charged it, and it's still running strong. They are MDB so they are card reader capable. 

If the have the MCB12 board, they are NOT credit card capable, even though it is MDB.

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