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watch put for canadasnackvending


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canadasnackvending are the same ppl has proplus vending.


and i almost got caught i found out about proplus reputation on this site.

has for how i know canadadnackvending are the same bunch

1- they work with madd a charity. called them and they told me they used to be called proplus

2-same exact packages has in the prolus post

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I sure like the machine and products they sell. I just can’t imagine with even buying machines at a fair price and with having to purchase items from them there is much money left?

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Gold package works out to about a 15 year ROI at an average account... 

Just another bizop that overly inflates their numbers, promises the moon and just steals your money.  I've got a Lamborghini for sale that looks a lot like a Ford Ranger if you wanna throw your money away... 

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