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newbie questions

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just recently purchased and have placement for my first snack and soda machine but have some general knowledge questions.

I apologize in advance if they’ve been asked before.

1. Does anyone have or have a link to get a simple location placement agreement form?

2. Does anyone know of a place to get pre-packaged wholesale toiletries like you see in some motel snack machines? (Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc)

And , the reason for the previous question,

3. Are you allowed to add items in your vending machine with packaging that reads, “not for individual sale”?

Thanks in advance

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1. Look the the downloads section of this board.

2. Merch-a-vend. Or go to the dollar store if you are just starting.

3. I've seen it done. I personally would not though. What is it that you want to sell?

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I have a motel placement lined up. I was thinking items such as what merch a vend has but I think I could get a better price at like you suggested, dollar stores or Walmart/sam's.

I just noticed my multi pack of bar soap had that note printed on the individual boxes.

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