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Dixie Narco 600cc homing error

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Guys I am a complete novice to vending machines. I have been put in charge of stocking a privately owned DNCB 600cc/s11-7 (Dixie narco 3 can deep) for my fire department. It seems like it has been having problems dispensing cans from the two outer wide columns. Now after restocking, it says homing for a minute, then when I insert money and make a selection, it either returns the money and says sold out, or, let’s me make another selection, then says not in service. I have no idea where to even start on this. Any help would be awesome!

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That sounds like a very odd model.  600 implies a 79" machine, sii means SII board, but the 7 would lead me to believe it only has 7 selections instead of 8, so i wonder if two selections are setup for sts (space-to-sales) such as columns 1 and 2.  Just brainstorming.

I recently had a lot of trouble out of an SII machine and the problem was with a motor that kept trying to home but didn't work right.  I still haven't changed the motor but it might be your problem.

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