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Bunch of Prize redemption and cranes for sale Chicago Suburbs!!!

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Lost some locations and need to sell some of this stuff:

3x Barber Cut prize merchandisers

Winners Cube prize redemption

31" Prize Cube crane

46" Toy Soldiers Crane

MovieStop prize redemption

31" Toy taxi crane

Let me know if you are interested. All located in the Chicago Suburbs...


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I saw your ad on craigslist you have good prices I live in michigan and might plan a trip soon

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Sold a couple things recently. Here is what I will have with pricing:

60" Pinnacle Crane- $700

46" Toy Soldiers Crane- $800

2x Movie Stop Prize Redemption- $550 each

2x Barber Cuts- $900 each

Flaming Finger prize redemption(one with side compartments)- $600

31" Prize Cube crane- $1400

31" Toy Taxi crane- $700

46" PrizeTime Deluxe(green color, bought new last year)- $2500

31" Spin Zone prize redemption(made by Smart and bought new last year)- $2500

Keymaster prize Redemption- $3400


Think that's about it for now. Keeping some smaller stuff I hope to place out in other locations....

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