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Vending Topo Chico in Royal 660

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 I need help. I’m a third-party with Coca-Cola and I am wanting to vend topo Chico. However since the bottles are fatter (Wider than a normal 20 oz)  I can’t get them to vend consistently. They are the 600 ml plastic bottles.  Any ideas on vending product wider than a normal 20 oz in a Royal 660/804 would be appreciated. Also wondering if anyone else  has successfully got them to vend. 


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If it is too wide for the rotor then you are about out of luck.  Is the bottle round and smooth or does it have a lot of ridges like a gatorade bottle?  For thinner items, you can use shims (not necessary on that royal unless it's really thin) but for really wide items, you would need a bigger rotor of such a thing exists.

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