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Challenger plush - stuck claw voltages! 

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Have two Coast to Coast Challenger cranes. On both claws, the voltage will not increase over 35v, even though there's plenty of room left to turn the knob.

In test mode, the VR3 shows 45v, but on this crane, it's a default max setting and I cannot alter the VR3.

I measure these at the terminal above the claw  during test mode. The analog meters in both games work and match my meter readings.

The coil and pots have been changed on one, but not the other (since there was no improvement).

The power supply also reads 49.6v at the power supply, and drops to 44.1v when activating the VR1 in test mode.

I'm at a loss on this. Especially since both claws are doing this. Please advise?


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those voltage pots that control VR1,VR2,VR3 should have 3 wires like red,brown, yellow. Look at the voltage pots and find out what color the wires are. The pots are controlled, and the voltage regulated by the circuit board. Three wires at the board. Strip the 3 wires at the board (can be done at the pots also, but easier at the board) that go out to the pots. 

once you have all three wires stripped. Use a wire nut to twist all three wires together. This will put all 48v to your coil constantly while the coil is used during game play IE: initial grab to prize shoot. 

Test voltage on coil after twisting wires together during game play. If voltage hits 48v during game play your pots are bad. 

If your voltage stays at the voltage you are indicating or below, then your board is bad, or is programmed to produce the voltage that way and cant be adjusted. Given some state and local laws, its possible. 

I have other information like that on my vendingjunkie youtube channel. 

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