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Hello From Dallas TX

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Hello Guys,


I am new to the community and need some advice .. I am in vending business for a while now and wanted to move forward into micro markets.

do you guys know any micro market businesses out there that are reliable?

I know there is www.canteen.com, www.graphicsthatpop.com ,  www.vendingpro.com etc....

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Ah, nobody's responded. 

I know Canteen is a big name in the industry. One of our members is associated with their Louisiana branch. 

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Parlevel Systems and of course Avenue C.  Graphics that Pop just does fronts or design areas for your equipment.  Parks Coffee is being very aggressive with small micro-markets.  They like offices with a breakroom with anywhere from 90 to 140 employees.  If you are interested in that type of setup message me and I can give you their concept.  Low investment brings in on average $800 to 1200 a month.  

I do not have any financial interest in micro-markets, their equipment or any commission.  Just information for new vendors.  Here are some reasons to consider a micro-market


They trigger more visits  per day avg  1.2 visits to .7 per day 

Components can be configured to fit lots of different sizes and spaces

Less maintenance and downtime compared to vending machines

You can create a much more attractive space with different product sale banners-signs

Healthy vending products can be used more effectively

Pricing can be competitive

It is very hard to turn a market back into vending unless the vendor is really dropping the ball

Fresh food like salads, fruits, and much more turns over quickly in markets.

You can design most of the market on your own if have just purchased the Kiosk only.

You will notice lots of micro martket equipment is for sale on ebay and craigs list from companies that jumped in too early before enough information was gathered on what worked and where.

Hope that helps.

Blue Moose



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