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Dixie Narco DC 175-5

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Hello all,

I am brand new to vending machines and just picked up a Dixie Narco DC 175-5. The seller listed it as fully functional but turns out it’ll cool and accept coins, but won’t vend anything. The out of stock lights work for all 5 slots as well. As a noobie, I’m hoping someone on here could give me some pointers on where to start diagnosing the problems or point me to a link that perhaps someone has already put together. Any suggestions on where to find parts or manuals would also be greatly appreciated. I’ve linked a picture of the model plate for reference and will try to get a snapshot of the machine as well.

Thanks in advance!1C360396-E778-4D51-B8D4-072FE11D8E1C.thumb.jpeg.2d81c5ef306930c04dd620319fe5381a.jpegF0021C7D-4238-4B1A-ABA6-6EE5667E88A4.jpeg.f770c25a3f8fbc65d8bc21e2b6dc8526.jpeg

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There are many things that could cause this.  First of all, if the sold out lights are on you have no product in the machine and it won't vend because there is no product in the machine. DOH!  You can hold the right column sold out paddle down, put coins in and press the top left button and see if that column runs.  Otherwise you could have a bad motor cluster switch on one or more motors, a jammed column, a bad coin mech, an open circuit in your selection panel, loose wires from the coin mech or vend relay plugs, etc.

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