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Hello from Central Maryland

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At the top of the year, I will be trying my hand at GB machines.  I really had my heart set on these 'gourmet' chiclets, but after some research here, I don't think they will do well.  I'm going to KISS for now.

I am looking to purchase two machines.  A single and a double.  I'm not sure which machines yet.  Based on some research, I will probably do DB gumballs.

I plan to use a locator.  Don't shoot me!! Sales is not my thing.  However, I'm hoping to proceed by doing my own locating going forward.  I just need this kickstart (not using the company) and I think I'll be able to organically grow and locate on my own.

My goal is to stay small and close and to simply beat the stock market on rate of return of a smallish deposit.  This is my 529 money for my son while I can focus my earned income on saving for retirement.

Anyway, I welcome any tips. I'm stil a little confused about the charity piece, so I'll be looking that up.  I also welcome recommendations on equipment.


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