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About to buy a PolyVend 6640, should I?

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Hi everyone, I'm just jetting started and need a couple less expensive machines to get going. I found a PolyVend 6640for $200 that is in good condition. I read the manual and it shows to have MDB and DEX. Will I be able to slap a nayax reader on it without doing other upgrades? Thanks for helping out a newbie!! 

(I'm open to recommendations for machines I should keep an eye out for.)Screenshot_20181222-124031_Facebook.thumb.jpg.abedbe036ea9b2301e6f002f6b2508c5.jpgScreenshot_20181222-124121_Drive.thumb.jpg.818a9e794569e3df33e80b6002794575.jpg

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Nope, they all need to go to junk yards.  There are zero parts for them and they are NOT MDB capable unless they are already set up that way.  MDB was an option and required a different harness that you will never find now.  These were built before anyone really had an interest in MDB and they ceased production after people realized the machines were too poorly built to upgrade them.  They are also difficult to upgrade the validator fitment wise and the shelf harnesses are a pain in the butt.

Look for AP6600 or 7600 snacks.  They are built well with lots of parts still available and you can upgrade them with new aftermarket boards to get MDB for them.

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