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So i got a few requests for coffee. I dont wanna do vending for coffee but i pretty much offered the pur in burners from sams or the ones hooked up to the water lines. I then saw basic stuff from sams like coffees and creqmers and doubled everything. They wqnt me to install next week, and i have maybe 4 other places that want it too. Its 75 to 150 employee type places. Does anyone do any good with these? What machines do you guys reccomend? Does vending correlate with it too? Like say if vending does 600 a month gross coffee may do 100 or something? Also were replacing a vendor and they had a nice touch screen machine that makes lattes and stuff but apperantly rhe vwndor leased it to them and they buy their own coffe..sounds kinda dumb wouldnt u wanna sell to them?

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