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Hard Shell tootsie?

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11 hours ago, pipsqueakfmab said:

Hi I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on this product: https://www.aaglobal.com/bulk-candy-gum/PL-CAN-18298-Tootsie-Roll-Candy-Coated-Chews-Bulk-1160-pcs.asp

And would it fit on a u turn gum ball wheel?

     It has been years since I operated any Uturns and I only ran 850 (1") gumballs in them. The 1080s may mis-vend with the regular gumball wheel. The Uturn candy wheels open wide enough to fit a 1080 gumball but I'm just not sure how smoothly they will vend. I think you will definitely need to use a spring agitator if you try that option. Hopefully one of the guys on here can provide better guidance on the gumball wheel question.

     I have never tried this product. It looks interesting and appears to be marketed as a bulk vending product. My concern would be how thick and durable the shell is. You want to be sure that the the shell can hold up to the rigors of bulk vending and doesn't end up chipping and falling apart making a mess of the canister and ultimately not selling. Tootsie Rolls are a stout candy in mild temperatures but melt pretty easily when it gets warm. I think of Sixlets candy which is a chocolate center surrounded by a hard but fragile shell. Great candy but terrible for bulk vending especially in warm weather. If you call A & A they can give you some insight as to the viability of this for bulk vending. It would be nice if you could find a smaller quantity to try before having to buy a 25lb box. I'd look around for smaller quantity to test it out. Keep us posted if you try it.

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