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Searching for parts from an old cb700 3151


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Parts looking for:

Control Board 4210795

Control Board Mount 4211174.000309

Display 4210660

Display Mount 4210847.000309

Keypad 1215547.002

Temp Sensor (plus harness) 4210966

Vendnet is of no help.  They are all obsolete.  Does anyone have an old machine they are scrapping?

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Well Chris, I can't ask you to do that.  To be honest.  I've been going over schematics and manuals, and I believe I could get the 3151 board to run in my 3189 in order for it to be MDB compatible.  Thats the only reason I ask.

I've also got a request in from a guy I found that has a 3500 he's scrapping.  Think I could use those parts in my 3189 as well but he he hasn't gotten back to me.  That one would be a little more involved due to the keypad configuration, but I think I could make that happen as well.

Problem is cost plus time invested vs the cost of a new(er) machine.

So I donno.  Still up in the air.  Whats holding me back from upgrading is that to maintain appearance, the adjacent snack machine would need to be upgraded as well.  And both look very nice side by side and function 100%.  To upgrade both I could be looking at 10k for decent glass fronts.

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