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MVM-2000 And a New Operator

Doug Simpson

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Good day!

I am new to the vending machine world! I am not in the business of vending machines. I am IT for a pubic school.

We have had this machine sitting here for a number of years, unplugged and not being used. We had a locksmith come open it for us as we were unable to find a key. It has some chip bags in it and I opened one yesterday. . . not a good deal! I have worked here for over 8 years and it has not worked any of the time I have been here.

Anyway, we are wanting to repurpose this vending machine for a special project.

Students in our Elementary School read books. We are wanting to enhance the reading programs with this machine. The students read the books and each book is worth x number of points. The points are worth tokens. When they gather enough points, they get tokens which can be used in the vending machine to get books or other items from the vending machine.

So, I have this machine, and the Model Plate says MVM-2000 and when I said "Good day!" I told you all I know about that machine!

It comes on, but has errors and says temporarily out of service. Is there any of you who can provide some guidance or documentation on this machine?

We can buy a new machine through some company that does this very thing but if I can make this one work, we won't have to buy a new one!

A photo of the control keypad is attached.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!




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