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Newb question: How do you pay the business owner?


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How do you pay the business owner?

I have a 44mm super bouncy ball machine that takes 4 quarters. I'm pitching it at 20% commission. Is that a good percent?

The balls cost me .27, plus the. 20 commission = .47 so that leaves me .53 per ball. 

But how about the logistics? Do I check the machine monthly and then the manager and I sit down counting dozens of quarters?? Doesn't sound right. Do you use a coin counter?

And do you find out what days the manager is there so you can go on those days? I want to know what to say when they ask me how they're going to know how much it made.

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You should spend some time searching through posts and reading the main sticky post and you'll get answers to just about every question.

When you do you'll find that most bulk vendors use a scale to very quickly get the count.  And service when you want - if the location insists on only servicing at certain times you may want to consider if that's worth the hassle.  Other than avoiding the busiest times (like a pizza place at 1130am) I service when I can and whoever is manning the shop takes the commission with receipt.

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