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Machine dispensing extra

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Hello everyone, 

i just purchased a Dixie Narco drink machine. I put a 16.9 bottles in it, when customers make a single purchase it dispense more than one bottle. Are they design for 20oz only, or is there a setting that can be switched from 16.9 to 20oz?


i attached the model and serial number.

please let me know.

Thank you,

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Yes there is a setting. However the P series Dixie Narco is compete garbage. One of its many common failures is yours. Usually, this is due to a failure of the drop sensor.

My advice would be to make sure the setup is correct. If it is time for a new sensor. Or there might be a way to adjust them, not sure. It’s been a while since I played with one.

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There is no programming for 16.9 oz bottles, only for cans and 20 oz bottles.  Here are the most common settings to use but you have to understand the programming which you can't if you don't have a manual.  You are best to cancel your sale and get your money back on one of the worst designed machines known to vending.  They have enormous numbers of failures and someone took you for a ride by selling it to you.  Here is the manual if you can decipher it.  http://www.hmivending.com/manuals/Generic 552 P Series Manual.pdf  What the manual doesn't tell you is this:

Package settings:

12 oz cans 4 deep - set to 1

12 oz cans 3 deep - set to 5

20 oz Coke - set to 3

20 oz Pepsi - set to 2

16 oz cans - set to 5 (yes, 5 is used two ways)

20 oz Dr. Pepper - set to 2

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Yeah I learned that after I payed $1,000.00 for that machine. The guy who sold it to me he knew it has a lot of problems and I don’t have a lot of experience in those type of machines. I can’t get my money back now, I’ll just change it to cans. 
Thank you so much for the info😊

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Cans tend to be more problematic as well.

That said, don’t let this scare you off Dixie Narcos. The E series (276E,501E,600E) are excellent machines and rock solid. 

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