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Prekitting Backend


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Does anyone have the MDB PA Codes for any of the following machines

AP 113/112 with InOne or VE kits

National 157's

National 167's

LCM (5 Wide) with VE kit

AMS Sensit II and AMS Sensit 3 

LCM without a kit (i know it doesn't do cash sales, just wondering)

USI 3185

AP 933 etc


I am working to get the backend software to associate to the proper selections in each machine and I am hitting lots of roadblocks.  Shouldn't this be easier?

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Buy the first item on the left in each tray with a Nayax card. Then we take a picture of the machine and input the rest of the products in the product maps when I get back to the shop.  If the machine has been on location for awhile all the codes will  be in order from top left of machine to bottom right. Call me if you need more help.

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