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Price change for Vendo V312


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Greetings... I am new here and I recently acquired a Vendo V312 Coke Machine and would like to change the price.  I searched the internet and found video tutorials for Dixie Narco machines or the setting of the toggle switches on the coin validator. This machine does not have (or I cannot find) the toggle switches and the videos did not help.

I downloaded a service manual from 1987 that covers the V312 but was unable to read where to set the prices as I believe it is more of a parts manual.   I have attached photos of the cover for what I found and of the machine... 

Any help or direction to a site for assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Coke photo.jpg

Manual cover.jpg

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Your machine isn't that old so you're looking at the wrong manual.  Since you have a credit display you have a logic board that you program for the machine.  This is probably a Univendor 1 or 2 so check those manuals for the programming.  Your programming might also be a little different because this is a Coke machine but that would only apply to the buttons that control the menus.

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Thanks for the reply.. 

I'm sorry, a Univendor 1 or 2?.. I'm guessing that is the circuit board?

By the looks of google, it is a 2?  I have attached a photo of it.  Would I need to connect something to it to change the price or press the white or red 'mode' button to access the service part?

I did press the white button before and was able to see options on the little display like rtn, pass, COP, test and a couple others I couldn't figure out



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17 hours ago, AZVendor said:

Download the Univendor 2 manual.  You do have a 5.2 board which is Coke programming so let me know if you can't get past the password.


Thank you very much AZVendor!.... I downloaded the Univendor 2 manual and the instructions were there.  I followed and was able to change the prices.


Great help!

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