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Candy/Snack Vending | Spiral Configuration


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Exploring purchase of new Mercato 5000 and curious if anyone has advice or resource they could point me to on configuring spiral count by candy/snack product type?

Have come across machine's service manual with guidance by product dimensions but, looking to avoid reinventing the wheel (aka measuring product mix I'd like to vend and coming up with spiral count matrix).

Page 7:






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Shelf 1 snack all 10 count

shelf 2 snack all 10 count

shelf 3 snack all 12 count

shelf 4 snack 3-15 count 2-12 count

shelf 5 candy 4-15 count 6-18 count

shelf 6 snack 3-12 count 2-15 count

Do not get a gum & mint tray. Also, get dual spirals on the snack selections. 

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