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AP 6600 Not Accepting Bills (Wierd Problem)


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I have an old AP 6600 snack machine that has worked fine for years. 

Recently it has the following problem:

The machine works fine when you use coins. 

It has a VN 2511 bill acceptor that is set up for $1 bills.  When a bill is entered, the bill is accepted, and credit shows up on the LED screen.  When a selection is made, ($1 item or less), when you enter the letter of the selection, the letter is displayed, then when you enter the number of the selection, the LED screen goes blank and the dollar bill is returned by the bill acceptor.  For example, I enter selection A1, the A is displayed, and when I press the 1, the LED screen goes blank and the bill gets returned.  The coin tubes in the coin mech are full.  What is my problem and how do I fix this?



Orange, CA

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If the machine has the original board, turn both option switches off. These switches are located on the top right.  If that doesn't solve the problem, change the coin mech. If you need a board I have boxes of them. Also note, the machine never displays the number, only the letter. 

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