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Finally (after 7 years) I'm good at charity locating, how to switch to commission?

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I've been vending for 8 years, and have SUCKED for 6 of those years (in regards to locating).  I was nervous, scared, rarely did it, etc. etc.  I've finally gotten over the fear, and in fact look forward to free time so I can go locate more.  Here's the thing, I've been almost exclusively pushing the charity angle (which is legit, because I run stickers that cost money each month, and I accurately represent that the charity only gets a portion, etc....so it's 100% above board).

The issue is, I want to get into more and more commission (or hopefully non commission) toys.  I love racks, own a few, and want to get them placed. 

I have my charity locating pitch memorized front to back, and it's been refined to the point that I'm pretty comfortable in person locating.  However, how do I modify my pitch for non charity racks?  ANY tips/advice/suggestions would be helpful.

Should my opening line be?:  Hi, My name is Jared and I"m with OCC Vending, is the person responsible for allowing vending machines available?  (and then go from there, or should it be a different opening line?)

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