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Finally (after 7 years) I'm good at charity locating, how to switch to commission?

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I've been vending for 8 years, and have SUCKED for 6 of those years (in regards to locating).  I was nervous, scared, rarely did it, etc. etc.  I've finally gotten over the fear, and in fact look forward to free time so I can go locate more.  Here's the thing, I've been almost exclusively pushing the charity angle (which is legit, because I run stickers that cost money each month, and I accurately represent that the charity only gets a portion, etc....so it's 100% above board).

The issue is, I want to get into more and more commission (or hopefully non commission) toys.  I love racks, own a few, and want to get them placed. 

I have my charity locating pitch memorized front to back, and it's been refined to the point that I'm pretty comfortable in person locating.  However, how do I modify my pitch for non charity racks?  ANY tips/advice/suggestions would be helpful.

Should my opening line be?:  Hi, My name is Jared and I"m with OCC Vending, is the person responsible for allowing vending machines available?  (and then go from there, or should it be a different opening line?)

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that's too much.  Have a flyer or business card with the general rack or machine you use,  just go in,  ask for the manager,  and ask them if you can put something like this in and you'll pay them x amount every service. 

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