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Payrange units on sale, cheap?


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I got this by email today.  I ordered 2, total $59.99 after adding shipping.  Is this a good deal?

"D & S Vending has worked with PayRange to offer an exclusive rebate program, the 2020 Consumer Choice Program. Under this rebate program, you get hardware at no cost after rebate! We are committed to helping vending operators be more successful. Here are the details:

$19.95 deposit rebated with first transaction
$0 in final hardware costs
$0 in monthly fees
Easy installation process 
2.49% credit card transaction rate guaranteed for 5 years.*  NO OTHER FEES!

If the machines you haven't yet installed PayRange on are cash and coin only or have card readers, the PayRange BluKey® will work alongside both. This is a truly amazing limited time offer with unlimited BluKey devices available at this rate.


Expires February 29, 2020

Order directly through the PayRange online store and use this exclusive coupon code at checkout to reduce devices from $179.00 to $19.95 and get all the other program benefits: DSV1995

shop.payrange.com "

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