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Vendo v75 credit problem

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I have a Vendo V75 vending machine.

When I bought it for my private coca cola collection it was working expect the coin validator.

I received another validator from a friend. This was a different model as the original.

Unfortunalety it was not working, but the worst part is coming ... since that moment my vending machine had a big problem. Even after disconnection the validator.

When I start my vending machine it starts adding credits 50, 150, .... and it never stops. After 65XXXX credits it starts again ...

So something is broken I think due to the other validator.

Does anyone could help me fixing this problem ?

Don't care if its still without a correct coin validator but I want it workoing again like before.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


Thanks in advance.


Max (Belgium)

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