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Hi, I am in the process of purchasing my first 3 machines; 2 beverage and 1 snack machine. They will all be placed at the same location. I am interested to see how this all goes and I am excited for a new adventure. I am 100% interested in hearing any and all "I wish I'd known" from the more senior vendors. 

A few questions:

- what is your prefer POS debit/credit card machine vendor?

- where have you found to be the best place to locate product at the lowest cost?

- how often do you find that you are re-stocking machines?    Mine will be in a warehouse break room that runs 24/7 and has approx 150-180 employees.


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1. Most vendors use USATechnologies or Nayax.

2. For smaller operations like yours you can chase sales at grocery stores. As you grow you will find that grocery stores will limit quantities which makes it inefficient, at which point Costco or Sams Club is good. Large operations will source from Coke and Pepsi bottlers and Vistar. These companies deliver which saves you time. 

3. Depends. I like to shoot for 30% of capacity left or no more than a few selections sold out before I stock. Tip, if you keep selling out of one product you can remove a slow seller and double up or put the same item in 2 selections to minimize sell outs.

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