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Hello from Reckless Rewards Vending CO. (Bonney Lake, WA)

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OK I totally just made up "Reckless Rewards Vending Co.". But it does sounds good!


I am a hobbyist of many, I use the handle "Reckless Rewards" so all my brands for my hobbies use that same RR in their logo.

I don't make money on any of my hobbies I just like to tinker and learn. So I'm sure it will be the same with this new interest of mine "vending machines"...  So far I have two sets of two quarter Candy dispensers (I know not that impressive, LOL) , a Pepsi Soda Machine (Vendo) that I have had for a few years. And last but not least as of today a Coca Cola machine (Cavalier) that I hope to fix up the coke machine for my back yard, but I might put the Pepsi machine to work at a local business.

I am eager to start learning for this group and at some people be able to help others.

My Inventory: 

1964 Cavalier USS-8-64 - Coca-Cola (My newest addition)
Current Issue: Compressor Clicks on and off. 

Vendo V284 - Pepsi 
Current Issue: Freezes up



And the 2 candy dispensers. (FYI: I added the Coca-Cola Logo's to go with my extensive Coke collection.)

20200429_170444-rotated.jpg 20200429_170515-rotated.jpg

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Bad compressor in the Cavalier and low freon or a bad fan in the Vendo.

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Also, if you want a themed “RR” name “Reckless Refreshments” would work real good.

But other than that try a hard start kit, Supco RCO 210 on the clicking compressor. Probably toast but it’s worth a try before you spend a few bills on a compressor. Should be under 20.

Also on the Vendo does it build ice on the evaporator? If so what does it look like? Pics would help.

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ORSD,  Oh Reckless Refreshments does work quite nicely! 🙂

Thanks for the info ill try the hard start kit.

For the Vendo here is the link with photos: 


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