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Dixi Narco 440

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Hello everyone! We have a dixi narco 440 8 select that keeps “homing” and not accepting more than one dollar bill (after you put the first dollar, it stops accepting other bills so people can’t buy anything more than $1).

Does anyone know what can be the problem? 

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For the homing issue does it just say homing or does a motor run while it does?

If there’s not a motor running just ignore it it’s a glitch some Dixies have. If a motor is running swap the motor switch on that motor with another good motor on the machine. If the issue follows the switch that’s a bad switch if the issue stays with the motor then it’s a wiring issue (assuming the motor’s cams are actually activating the switch)

As for the dollar issue make sure you have sufficient change in the tubes (do a tube fill or buy stuff with coins) and make sure you have a selection priced over a dollar that is not sold out.

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