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Snackmart 2 trouble code

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Hi all!

I have a Snackmart 2 that had a MAJOR coin jam.  I removed the coin mech, cleared all of the coins,reinstalled and will not accept coins.  Says "Exact Change Only"  Will not accept ANY coins.

It seems that I remember seeing a CODE 09.  HOW do I clear this?

I have replaced the Coin Mech with a tested and known good mech, but when installed will not take any coins.  The bill validator works flawlessly, so at least the machine is not out of service.

My next move is to swap out the machine, but we all know how much of a pain that is!


THANKS for your help!


Moonlight Munchies

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If it's a USI SMII then it's 32 years old.  Here is the manual: but I see no mention of that code.  Probably a blown board.  Good luck getting it repaired.  You can try S. Thomas as USI will probably tell you it's unrepairable. 

If it's a National machine then here are the ramclear instructions for various models.  If you do a ramclear then you have to reprogram every aspect of the machine.

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