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BevMax 2/3/4 "customers" stealing drinks

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Just a quick question.

I've got around 20 BevMax 2/3/4's on sites and all of them, at one time or another, have been plagued by at least one individual stealing drinks.

I don't want to  to disclose the procedure they use, but I'm sure anyone that has these machines will know what I'm talking about.

It's difficult to bring it to the attention to management without showing them what's happening, thereby introducing another individual to the "trick" being used.

I didn't see it as such a big issue before, but I've recently installed card readers on all machines and the telemetry is showing as much as 10% on one site going missing.

It's that bad that I'm considering replacing them all with Vendo G-Drink and selling them on.

Is there some setting I'm not aware of that prevents this?

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They're definitely stealing. Usually it would appear to be just one individual, 4 or 5 drinks per week missing. But one machine I have was over 20 one week. I upgraded it with new everything - board,picker, port, motors, XY board and no difference. Happens to almost every BevMax I've put out at one time or another. I used to rate the BevMax as the best glass front around, until I got a few Vendo G's and now I think I'm going to switch them all out for the Vendo.






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Would you mind PMing me with how you think it’s being done?

I really cannot think of a way to steal from a picker cup Bevmax. The bottle drop ones? Sure. The conveyor belt ones? Absolutely.

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I've tried everything.

BevMax 2's do it, 3's and 4's.

I've bought complete refit kits from Crane UK, still happens.

Bought a refit kit from the US, still happens.

Have everything from the first issue bev2's to almost new bev 4's

Asked Crane about it on the UK and they have no solution.






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Here is the solution I received from Crane's field technician for Florida:

I guess your machines need software update.  Older software product has to deliver to port before taking money. Newer software, once product is detected in cup it takes the money regardless if delivered to port.

See attached spares parts list for your convenience. 




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