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Angus Fox

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Hi, my name is Angus and I have recently started a vending business with a little help from my Mom and Dad. I’m 11 and I saved up my money to buy a used Seaga combo machine. I’m really enjoying the business and the machine is located in my Dad’s office. My Dad helped me find this forum and I’m hoping to learn some tips on how to improve my business. 

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First of all, congrats and welcome.

Second, people here will hate on that Seaga. While I do agree that it isn’t a great machine, don’t let those comments get to you personally. All of us made a about million mistakes starting up. But, this forum should help you avoid many of them. Read and learn from others’ mistakes. 

Note: While the Seaga is working now, it may break down in the future. I would suggest saving up for repairs or a replacement machine.

Good luck!

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