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Jonathan Zoller


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Hello, my name is Jonathan, I am from Ecuador and I have bought my first vending machine. I am importing it from China, (XY vending) so I was reading that many people think it is a junk product but it is what I can buy with my budget now, at least it is not a TCN.

I was hoping you can help me with your best tips to start the business, I am in the process of getting a location in an office building in the city of Guayaquil but I must keep looking until I have a confirmation, I also have around 200 products designed for the machine

I am going to pass you my photos of my machine and the characteristics.



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Good luck keeping it running.  Unless you buy a machine from a local distributor that stocks parts to fix it with how are you going to keep it running when it breaks and replacement parts are in China?  Not a smart move.  You should instead buy from someone that sells USI machines from Wittern Group.  They at least have distributors in Mexico and maybe even somewhere in South America.  They are well built machines, mostly, and they are well supported at least by the factory in Des Moines, IA, USA.  I would NEVER expect to get any support of any kind from a Chinese manufacturer.

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