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so i have taken up vending in the form of bulk silent sales force machines in two different employee break rooms serving tamales/mike ikes/skittles/hot peanuts. i found this equipment on the classifieds and all were missing locks. i drilled, got the parts, filled them with product, and here we are. iam looking to pick up more equipment as there are a few more interested sites. i would love to learn more about the sorts of contracts/agreements/revenue sharing that sites demand from owners like us for bulk and packaged vending (currently i pay my sites 20% of farebox for the bulk vending). anyways i look forward to lurking and reading and learning more! i am interested in going into the full auto vend route but i am more focused on getting a few golden tee machines going instead. i live near a golf themed bar and the staff there never heard of golden tee (!!!?!?!?) and i would love to hear about those experiences from owners, particularly the I.T. side. anyways thank yall for your time, it's good to be here!

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