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National Cigarette machine 9M - advice, pull knob mechanics?

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So I have this National 9M cigarette machine. My young son and I were bonding and he was helping me clean it up and get some rust off. I gave him a cordless drill with a small wire brush on the end and asked him to clean up the pull handles. He got the wire brush too close to the delicate little springs on the back and, you guessed it, the wire brush ate them all  My mistake, didnt say a word. Turns out these little springs are hard to find anywhere. Tried the smallest spring I could find and none seem to fit and work well. Two questions:


  1. Anyone know where to get any? Ive emails all the antique vending parts people I could find
  2. What exactly is the function of the spring and the little pointed piece it controls (see pic)? Would the pull knobs still work (pull out and go back) without them? Doesnt have to be a functioning machine, but would like the have the pull knobs pull and then automatically go back in. Thats the first thing people do when they see it.

Spring end connect to the two yellow circles. The little pointed piece (red arrow) should go up and down smoothly when pulled, I think.

Any advice appreciated!



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Try McMaster Carr.

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