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Advice on Upgrading ap 113 to mdb /card reader.

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Hello all, 

proud owner of a gently used ap 113. All dumb mech mei 2512 bill reader and TRC-6000 coin mech. 

It has original logic board. I’m trying to convert it to accept $5 dollar bills as my products are up to $5 but it won’t take $5 bills as I suspect the logic board isn’t upgraded (looks like original board components). So here are my next thoughts.  

-order a new eprom board and replace the old one (I think that will “upgrade” the software for the $5 bills. Correct me if I’m mistaken). I’m not sure yet which one but I’m looking into it. That will let the Bill reader take 5’s I hope, I’ll then get a new coin mech and card reader added later


-order a new “InOne” kit with drop sensor $470 new and just replace the board and lcd all together. And while I’m at it add a mei cf7512i, and an mei  4in one card reader vn27p2 both on eBay for as much as a new Nayax card reader by itself almost. This will hurt the wallet but I think it’s the better way to go. 

Any  thoughts or recommendations are very much appreciated. If I go with option two would I be missing anything, and I can’t find out how I would even set up service with the new mei card reader 



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If you want to have a card reader you need an aftermarket UCB board from inOne or Vendors Exchange. An EPROM will not allow you to run cards on a 113.

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