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Bill validator issues

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Not sure if this the correct place to post this as I am new to the group but here goes.

I have machine number 1 that worked great to include the bill validator until the compressor deck died.  I have it pulled to replace when the new one shows up.  Plugged in, I get two flashes on the bill validator which indicates that it is not connected to the mech.  Weird enough.

Machine number two I just bought used. Didn't cool so I have that compressor deck out as well.  Same issue with the validator, two blinks.  


Switched coin mechs around, same.  Pretty odd  that both mechs or validators would go out at the same time.  Are they picking up that the compressors are out?  

Really confused so maybe some one can give some advice, thanks.

Both validators are MEI and mechs are Mars.

EDIT* Disregard, I'm dumb. Both machines are empty so with nothing to vend....

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Next time you can post these questions in the Food and Beverage forum.  Make sure you always list the manufacturer name and model number of the machine and model numbers off the coin mech or bill validator s/n plates so we know what machine you are working on.

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