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Bill Acceptor Switches Not Properly Configured

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I just want to say starting off it is nice to see all of you guys helping one another out on here, i'm new to the vending business and have a treasure chest claw machine pictures shown and the bill acceptor is not taking 5s even though it says it allows for 1s or 5s anyone know what switch layout this needs in order for the machine to take fives like it is supposed to? Also was wondering if a credit card reader could be added to this machine, I was not sure because of its age but maybe someone here knows a little more than me.

Thank you very much for any help on this topic it is really appreciated.

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Pics of bill validator?

Did the machine ever take 5 dollar bills?

Credit card readers are possible, you need one configured for pulse. That way the machine sees it as essentially just another bill validator or coin mech.

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