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Seaga OD16S help

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I am returning a Seaga OD16S and cannot figure out what size rivets were used for the machine. Also where can I find parts for replacements? I’ve tried Stlvendingparts.biz, but they never answer the phone or call back. Their website accepts orders, but they never actually go through.


any help would be appreciated.

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Call Seaga for parts but they are expensive and poorly made.  Seagas are junk machines made of all imported parts.  There is no source for help with them other than Seaga and they don't rebuild any of their logic boards nor does anyone else.  Boards are always sold for 4 bills or more as are their cooling units (which are also crap.)  Seaga has never and never will supply any operator or distributor with any wiring diagrams for the machines either.

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