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Credit disapearing with no refund

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Hello! I Have a fastcorp 0d820 ice cream vending machine. The only weird thing with it is its backup battery is dead so every time the machine looses power it looses all the programming. 

This last time I reprogrammed the machine, it makes the credit people put in disappear if the first selection they choose doesn't work. 

Example: customer puts in $2, selects a ice cream that out, machine says out of stock, choose another and if they don't choose in a few seconds, the credit disappears and no refund is dispensed. 

I've read through the manual and looked online but I cant find anything on how to fix this. I thought maybe my coin mech was dead but it still pops coins out when I click the eject buttons. Its a coinco. My best guess is the refund message isnt getting to the coin mech for some reason. How do I troubleshoot this? multimeter to wires going to coin mech? 



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