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Ball Cranes

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So I just landed a new movie theater that's about to open up, and I want to put a ball crane in it.  I currently run plush cranes (all pirate's chest), is the difference just the claw size?  Any other thing I need to know?

Do you guys run your ball cranes as play until you win?  Or do you not run it that way (it'll be in a state where it can be either)

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So the guy at smart recommended I go with a 41" pirates chest instead of 31" because ball cranes run out of balls quickly with the smaller size (so I went 41").  Also he's going to be putting the special "knobby ball claw" on it for me (extra $50, but worth it to have the correct claw I bet?).  I also ordered another 31" plush pirates chest, so I'll get to compare the claws side by side in my garage.

I was NOT going to do winner every $2, I was going to do the other way at 50 cents.  That what you guys would choose?  (I'll be running licensed knobby balls, like football teams and smiley faces etc.)

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