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MEI Cashflow 7000 error

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Hey, new vendor here. I have two machines with these MEI CF7000 coin mechs. both seem to have a 4 flash/D error. Both problems seem to be with the D 25 cent tube so I'm wondering if this is a common problem.

Issue A: One machines says there is a jam with that tube, during the test the arm seems to move and function fine with the cassette out. once the cassette is reinserted and the system runs a check it says there is a jam again, nothing obviously visible anywhere. Ideas?

Issue B: The other machine shows the same error but doesn't say there is a jam, just a 4 flash/D error in 25 cent tube D. Nothing visible anywhere inside. I saw the black coin stop at the bottom of the tube was busted so I replaced the tube, no change. It'll make change with any thing but the quarters, even though there is another 25 cent tube. 

Any help is appreciated, I've watched every video I can find on repairing these things and can't get it, debating the cost of buying a replacement vs sending it in for repair. 

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