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I am a design engineer working on an outdoor vending kiosk and want to learn the best method and possibly find the best payment processing company and hardware to use in the machine I'm designing. 

The vending machine is for larger products usually in the price range of 10 dollars and upwards to the max a tap payment will process.  Being outdoors I need something that accepts a tap and or mag stripe.  

Also need to find out which companies offer a hardware system of this type and if we are able to buy the hardware outright as the intention is to put many of these vending machines out in the world.  We don't want to lease hardware unless it is cost effective.  The other side of this subject is what is a reasonable fee for the payment processing?  I've only talked with a few back several months ago when we were in our initial project analysis and fees had wide ranges from 4 to over 10 % per transaction and the few we talked with always wanted to lease the processor.   Anyone out there have experience in dealing with this subject?   

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Typically, a vending card reader is going to run 300 to buy, then 8 dollar monthly service fee, and a fee of around 6% for all backend and processing. If you want to lease it’s like 13-15 a month including the monthly fee.

I think for 10 dollar vend prices the percentage is like 3% and then a 10-20 cent per swipe fee.

This is for companies like USATech and Nayax.

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