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Azkoyen Palma H87 I-detect settings

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Hi all,

Happy Easter!

I was wondering if someone knew how to test to I-detect system on a Palma H87 (newer style) I can't seem to find a function option to check it's turned on or off?

Some customers have purchased drinks, the coil has turned once and then it beeps as if the sale is completed, but it used to turn 3 times and show out of stock if nothing was detected...

Any help much appreciated

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I’m afraid you are unlikely to get much help here.

The vast majority of members are US based and as such have no experience with European equipment whatsoever.

I guess other than waiting for a European member to show up, try finding a manual or contacting the manufacturer?

Other than that I would try seeing how it behaves when actually vending an item versus vending an empty selection. If it behaves differently then the feature is likely turned on. If it’s turned on but not working right then my best guess based on how US equipment works is to see if you can aim the sensor or adjust sensitivity somehow.

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